Palatable Native iOS App

Sep 2017

One of the largest food ordering platforms from the Middle East came up with the requirement to design their unique selling proposition of native IOS app. Through Palatable’s online platform users can order from over 4,300 restaurant partners including brands such as Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Subway, as well as local eateries from different cuisines.

The Problem Statement

Palatable is an online food ordering platform was available for the desktop and mobile. However, they wanted to boost their mobile offerings, especially for iOS. They wanted to make sure that their users should find their primary task (selecting the restaurants in the region to order online and pay either by cash or card) simple easy to use and credible.

Design Approach

Based on the inputs shared by Team Palatable and my UX research which comprised requirement understanding, competitors analysis, evaluation of existing channels and assumption of user tasks I did analysis and came up with the following UX artifacts

  • User Task Analysis
  • User Task Flow
  • Concept Scribbles
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototype
  • Visual Design approach

Task Analysis

  To understand the frequency and criticality of tasks I collated them and illustrated in a diagram. This exercise helped me to prioritize them and design the screens which will match applications, conceptual model  

Task Flow

Further to Task analysis, I filtered most important tasks which will help the user to order food in a limited prerequisite. (E.g. ordering food without signup or login). To understand user behavior aligned with the filtered tasks and their interrelationship I constructed a flow diagram. 

Concept Scribbles

Once user’s key tasks and their interdependency evaluated I kickstarted visualizing screens by empathizing user needs. These where quick scribbles, acted as the basis to say on the track. 


Up till scribbling exercise we almost achieved desired app architecture and it was time to finally make it functional with interactive wireframes. I used Axure RP Pro to do same. To share the development so far with a wider audience I created an annotated version of the wireframes too.

Visual Design

Visual identity of  Palatable’s is largely dominated by sunny orange color and clean, simple FF Mark Pro font. However for the iOS app I choose Helvetica. Considering the subject, I tried to illustrate recipes more appealing and tempting. Hence used logo water marks and border icons to dominate screens by recipe images. However made content easy to understood and actionable by using minimal colors and apt spacing. Visual were enhanced through various iterations especially for the splash screen of the app.